Which bank is the most suitable holiday loan?

The last long holiday of the current year coincides with the best time of summer. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, increasing the holiday to ten days in total creates a great opportunity for those who still cannot have a holiday. For this reason, almost all banks are in a race to market their 2017 Holiday Loan packages, which is actually a Consumer Loan. We have reviewed some banks for the 2017 Holiday Credit and presented them for your selection.


Which bank is the most suitable holiday loan?

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Basic Life Traditional Holiday Loan was prepared for public personnel, private sector employees and retirees with a maturity of 48 months and favorable interest rates. For the repayment, you can choose the one that is suitable for your situation from monthly equal installments, increasing installments, decreasing installments, monthly installments with a 3-month grace period, equal installments every 3 months, balloon payment in the last installment, and variable installments. 

You can use the credit limit up to 20,000.- from 1.20%. The specified interest rates will be valid by giving invoice orders that will be paid to the account regularly, and life insurance will be required in the use of credit. All banks are in a race to market their 2017 Holiday Loan packages to their customers, which is actually a Consumer Loan type. Historian Bank Loan prepared by Historian Bank is available for your use with a maturity of up to 48 months and interest rates starting from 1.29%.


You will have to pay a loan allocation fee and take out life insurance for this consumer loan

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Which you can apply through Basic Life Internet or Basic Life Cep. For this reason, we advise you not to ignore these elements during the loan application. You can apply to the loan with your identity card and income document. In our research, we found that Sure Life Bank and Flybank did not also create a Holiday Credit Package. Both banks support the financing of their customers’ holiday expenditures under the name of Consumer Loan.

Made-in Credit, one of the banks we examined, organized an individual consumer loan campaign special to the Eid al-Adha. Eid Loan valid until August 31, 2017, TL. It is used with an interest rate of 1.33% with a term of 10,000.- and 48 months. TL. 50.- Loan installment amounts for which the loan allocation fee is charged are calculated according to the method with equal installment payment and daily TL excluding tax and fund. It was announced at 9.99.

A copy of the identity card, income certificate

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An invoice issued on behalf of the customer or the residence document obtained within 3 months before the loan application is sufficient for the application. You can apply from Made-in Credit branches or through Digital Channels (Personal Internet / Mobile Branch), SMS and telephone banking.

If you pay attention, almost all the banks are making holiday loans under the name of consumer loan. In order to complete the loan approval process quickly, you need to prepare the necessary documents completely and completely. A high Findeks Credit Rating, which you will have in determining the conditions of loan usage, will make your job easier. In any case, it will be your absolute interest to learn the exact cost of the loan and sign the loan agreement after that.

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