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Step 2: Choose Quantity
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Step 3: Choose Delivery Frequency
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*Skip or cancel at anytime in My Account

*Skip or cancel at anytime in My Account

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How do I return my empty cylinders?

There are 3 easy steps to return your empty cylinders:

  1. We'll send you full cylinder(s) and include a prepaid USPS label with your order. Make sure to remove the label from the box and record the tracking number on the label for your records.
  2. Place your empty cylinders in the same box in which you received your new cylinders and affix the label to the box.
  3. Drop the package in the mailbox or at a local post office. You can also schedule a free USPS pick-up (if applicable to your location). The shipping is on us. Don’t wait too long to send back your used cylinders.**

**Sparkle Note: Please remember to return an empty cylinder for each refill cylinder you have ordered. The return timeframe will be based on the shipment frequency plus 30 days. If you do not return the empty cylinder(s) within this timeframe, if you do not have any empty cylinders to return, or if the returned cylinder(s) is damaged, we will have to charge you an additional $15 (plus tax) for each unreturned/ damaged cylinder.

When do the empty cylinders need to be returned?

The return timeframe will be based on the shipment frequency plus 30 days.

Is there a limit for the cylinders that can be ordered?

You can receive up to 4 cylinders  in each order and in a frequency range from 1 to 6 months.

Free shipping will be for orders of 3 cylinders and above per shipment and we offer a reduced shipping charge for orders of 2 cylinders.


Can I make changes to my Subscription? (Cylinder type, the amount of cylinders delivered each time, Shipment Frequency, shipping address, etc.)

Yes, you can make changes to your Subscription  by visiting the ”My Account” page.

Sparkle Note: If a Subscription Order has already been packed for shipment, any changes made will be applied to your next shipment.