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Usually we are used to the fact that if a non-bank loan is approved, the money will be transferred to our bank account, which we have chosen in the application. This is not always the case. For some companies, a loan on hand is possible. This option is currently in decline, but there are still enough people interested in the service. For a person who does not have a bank account or cannot manage it for some reason, this “cash” loan is ideal.

Payment can be made in your home. All you need to do is to arrange the loan by phone and the time you prefer. Sales representatives travel all over the country. They will deliver a contract to you and then hand over funds that you can use immediately. It is mainly used by clients who are physically restricted, do not have their own car or are located in the village.

Of course, in recent years it has been found that some have managed to borrow money despite having had debtors’ debt, but it should not be. The lenders who grant quick loans to debtors now have to pay a penalty fee to the Swedish Consumer Agency for this and in addition they receive a warning and can be forced to close down their business. This, of course, has meant that the fast-loan companies that want to be able to continue to operate in the market do not grant fast loans to debtors now and that is of course good.


Loan immediately on hand – branch

Loan immediately on hand - branch

Another option is to pick up cash directly at the company branch. Find out in advance whether the business is operating in your city and not look for it unnecessarily. Do not forget to bring your identity card and possibly pay slips for the last three months to confirm your solvency. Beware that hand loans may be subject to additional charges or the resulting interest rate may be higher than for loans that are transferred to a bank account. Each branch may have different opening hours, so be sure to make a note.


Quick loan on hand immediately

Quick loan on hand immediately

Banking companies usually do not provide money on hand, it is the domain mainly non-banking companies. Frequent applicants are people who are already in debt and are in the register of debtors Solus. They too have a fair chance of receiving a hand loan immediately. Very often it can be averted with execution or with it you can finance your unexpected expenses.

Loan immediately on hand-cut twice once. In most cases, a cash loan is disadvantageous and overpriced, so consider whether to apply for it.

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