Credit institutions should rethink their mission statement

Banks and savings banks find it difficult to clearly differentiate themselves from competitors from the customer’s perspective. Differentiation would be more important than ever. A prerequisite for this is knowing what you stand for. But many institutes do not have a clear answer to this either. Read more at All banks and savings banks […]

Low Income Credit – secure the loan with a guarantor

In principle, a low-income customer is not excluded from the credit approval. Because, as studies show, low earners often make ends meet better than higher earners. One should actually think that this is only the case in theory. Because the more you have, the more you want. This is also the case with loans. High-earners […]

Borrowers Do Not Read Their Loan Offer.

Brokers already knew that borrowers were not reading their loan offer. The mediator’s annual report to the French Banking Federation (FBF), Mr. Lauren Dy, confirms this. Accessing the property is based on the promises of its banker. The mediator’s report highlights the growing interest takes banking mediation in personal life. 2013 saw an increase in […]